Glamour / Vintage

Gatsby Inspired style shoot:

A  great new idea for a shoot!

Gatsby is set in the 1950’s and is a total classic.

This photo shoot captures the essence of the Gatsby-style perfectly with the off-white pearls, her curly hairstyle and her hairpiece.

It portrays a classy, stylish young women from a time way-back-when and it still looks beautifully modern.

The decor shoot also shows all the elements of a vintage, Gatsby style.

They incorporated off-white, gold and royal blue colour scheme which enhances the style tremendously.

I saw these beautiful photos on Little Pink Book’s Facebook site and thought I should share it!


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“The Inside Scoop” Part 3

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 2.54.41 PM

A wedding coordinator is a very important element in the planning of a wedding and the next part is on their own!

Barry and Natelee chose the dynamic team, Hannes and Maudré of [kraak], to help them plan their Wedding.

I have personally worked with the team and I am even excited FOR them!

[kraak] is an innovative coordinating company that likes to keep things real and infuse energy into the events they plan.

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“The Inside Scoop” Part 2

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 2.54.49 PM

So, recently they revealed the wedding venue!

Barry and Natelee loves everything unique and chose something different for their venue as well.

They chose the perfect, funky, quirky Festa in Wellington!

The couple’s favorite food is Pizza, and Festa, with its wood fired Pizza Oven, vintage furniture and fireplace, was the perfect match for what they had in mind!

Festa is situated next to the elite wedding venue, Kleinevalleij on the Bainskloof Road.

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Monique SMILES Photography


I have changed my company’s a couple of times and I am still not sure if I made the right choice!

But I think to become well known you have to stick with one name to make sure people doesn’t get confused along the way of forget your company’s name.

This photo was definitely the inspiration for my current name of my company.

It is a awesome tattoo and I think it makes for a great name of my photography company.

I came across this photo on my hard drive and I am so glad I found it because it reminded me of why I chose my current company name.

I really hope I have chosen wisely and that someday people will know exactly who Monique Smiles Photography is!

Fashion Forward>>>


Fashion is a huge inspiration in my life and I always strive to keep on my toes with the latest.

I came across this awesome website with clothes that is do die for and I would kill to have.

After watching Project Runway I am determined to start designing my own outfits and making them.

I want to go shop around for different fabrics to see if there isn’t anything I can use to replicate designs from this website and make my own clothes.

This is a fun new adventure that lies ahead of me!

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Wedding of my dreams


I am a total dreamer…

My wedding is a fantasy I have longed to make reality for such a long time now.

I know I am maybe to young (I am only 20?) to think about marrying but why can’t I dream.. LEAVE ME BE!

I have gathered a few photographs of different weddings that I would love to have at my own wedding as well.

Because I love fashion so much my wedding dress is the most important thing for me. My wedding dress must definitely be a narrow fitting, long dress with lots of lace and even pearls. I was thinking to maybe not going for the traditional white but rather a cream or off-white colour.

I love the new fashion of wearing a colour shoe with your wedding dress, the same colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses. This is a beautiful way to incorporate your colour scheme with your outfit.

I am a sucker for the tradition of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. This will definitely be incorporated on my wedding day!

My ring is something I will wear forever and I must choose wisely but I have already fell in love with my forever ring. This is a slightly pink stone with diamonds surrounding it and a silver ring. It is vintage and classy and just the style I want.

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Editing to perfection


Mauritius 2012

I am currently spending my time editing photos in Lightroom.

Two weeks ago I really did not know a thing about editing in Lightroom but now I can say with confidence that my skills are not bad at all.

Natalee of ZaraZoo is helping me to edit to perfection and make sure the light and dark balance of each photo is 100%.

I would say that it is not always the best job in the world and I would prefer taking the photos rather than editing them, but as I said earlier in my blog, 85% of the work is editing!

I hope to get better and better as the weeks go by.

I am excited to see what my skills will look like at the end of this internship! =D

Practice makes perfect!


Exercise – Exercise – Exercise!

I am currently working through the Cape Town School of Photography’s handbook to learn a few new skills about my camera. I am also doing every weeks exercise and my colleague  at ZaraZoo will critique my photos to say what I should have done better or could do better next time.

The first weeks exercise is plain and simple just to take photos of a subject of interest at different angles. I chose to take photos of pool balls because it is colourful and recently a big interest of mine.

The second week’s exercise was to use a frame to take different photographs. This is shot through something to create a frame like shooting through a ring.

“The Inside scoop!” Part 1

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 2.55.05 PM

My boss currently got engaged and is showing off her glamorous 60 year old, passed-down-from-generetion-to-generation ring in the office.

It is a huge purple Amethyst rock that is totally vintage.

The Little Pink Book is covering her full story from the engagement right through to the honeymoon.

I wish I could help, this is a awesome time in ones life!

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