Cheers – To a new exciting journey!


Inecke Photography’s business has been booming and if she had more hands she would do even more! I am a very lucky girl to be interning with her for a couple of months and am excited for all the challenges that lies ahead.

Her beautiful studio at home makes it all the better to work there and her touch for detail is immaculate! She is an pleasure to work with and share more smiles in one day than there is photos on her blog (which there are a lot of!)

I already jumped in on my first day with a bunch of responsibilities and did some beautiful mood boards, phoned and e-mailed suppliers and worked on possible venues for photo shoots.

Here is her lovely blog and facebook website to tickle your tastebuds. Stay tuned to see the stunning new company shoot that will be happening this weekend at Riebeeck Kasteel.

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Some Credit – Whoop whoop!


Last year I interned with ZaraZoo and helped out at photo shoots and editing. I did one specific photo shoot with them at The Wijnlands Auto Museum where I got the chance to take a lot of photos.

I was so excited to see the lovely post that they did: “A big thank you also to Monique Harris, a very talented Aleit Academy student, that is doing her internship with us.  Monique assisted Natelee and also had a chance to pick up a few snaps.  Keep an eye on this one for the future – lots of talent and passion and a keen eye – Here’s her blog

Eeeeep… I am so excited and thankful to ZaraZoo for learning me all the tricks of the trade!

Sport journal – My love for Tennis



I literally have almost played tennis since the day I was born. Waking up next to the tennis court as a baby when my parents played, having my first tennis lesson at the age of 4 and playing still today at the age of 20 I feel like tennis is in my blood.

The Australian Open is currently busy and all my favourites are still in the game. Roger Federer might be a bit old or overrated but he portrays the exact nature of a real tennis player with his style, manners and sportsmanship. He is an absolute gentleman and always a pleasure to watch!

Watch a bit of his games and you will see what I mean 😉

Adventures – Free your Spirit



I always feel better after a night out dancing! Being adventurous means to try something new and exciting that will get your blood pumping and heart racing.

I have done quite a few different dance styles through the years like modern, hip-hop, ballroom and latin. It is always exciting to learn something new and moving your body to the rhythm of the music. I think everyone has that one ultimate thing that always makes them feel good and that is definitely dance for me.

So start being more free spirited and become adventurous in this new year!

Style journal – Summer


Do you always have the money to redo your cupboard for the new season? I think not!

Every season I try to create a mood board in my head of what I would like to have in my cupboard. This is a way for me to limit what I spend on clothes. If I see something beautiful and it is not in my vision then I try not to buy it. This saves money and push me to limit myself to only buying things that I really want.

This summer I imagined something totally different to what I would usually wear. Lovely long skirts and dresses and lots of lace, was what I had in mind. The mood board I made almost exactly replicates the one in my head!

Go have a look at my Fashion Forward board on pinterest to see some more ideas.

New Swan! – Sweet Love Wedding


This mood board screams crisp and colourful! The beautiful green and pink colours makes for a great mood board and wedding!

All of Seven Swans posts on their blog includes photos of previous stationary that they have designed as well as a Pinterest board with photos that combines well with the stationary.

Our previous post was done with a Watercolour Wedding mood board that I created with photos that could fit with the certain invite.

This week it was the SWEET LOVE WEDDING’s turn.

Seven Swans Blog says: “If like us, you love the simple, fresh and romantic look of Madelé &Christiaan’s invitations, pop over to our Sweet Love pinterest board for more inspiration!”

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