New Swan! – Watercolour Wedding

Even though I am not a Swan anymore I asked if I can carry on designing their mood boards for them because number 1. I really love designing the mood boards, playing around with layouts and the lovely pinterest photos that we have collected., and number 2. I still want to feel like I’m part of their team because I love them so much.


This mood board has a lovely easy going, breezy yet modern feel to it. It has all the lovely colours of the ocean as well as the watercolour, which is the almost faded colour.

All of Seven Swans posts on their blog includes photos of previous stationary that they have designed as well as a Pinterest board with photos that combines well with the stationary.

Our previous post was done with a Rustic Chic Wedding mood board that I created with photos that could fit with the certain invite.

This week it was the WATERCOLOUR WEDDING’s turn.

Seven Swans Blog says: “We just cannot get enough of the inky blues in Miné & Mauritius’wedding invitation! Have a look at this Pinterest board, inspired by the stylish couple’s wedding for more inspiration!”




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