#photography – Assisting photographer

I had a blast working at weddings and engagement shoots with Inecke of Inecke Photography. Here is our latest shoot that has been blogged on her website:



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Stationary – Invitations and Save-the-dates

I had the privilege of designing invites and save-the-dates for my friend and colleague.

She is throwing her two friend’s each a kitchen tea and bachelorette. She wanted the invitations to represent the theme of the parties but also the bride to be’s personality in it. It was great fun drawing all the pictures and using different colour combinations and fonts for the invites.

These are the designs I came up with:

 lara bachelorette invitation lara bachelorette

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Style – Autumn


It’s time for leggings and tights!

Autumn is on it’s way and that means summer closets will be switched out for winter ones. The beautiful tanned bodies will now be covered with jerseys and long pants or skirts with tights. I am not sure if I am ready for the move…

Sport – Rugby



Super Rugby has taken over the TV’s of all households and the women are left using their husbands credit cards to leave them the TV remote. (who is complaining?)

Fantasy league has became a fashion for all men and even women these days to see how their predictions fare against the ones of their friends’. With my boyfriend now also playing the sport I had to start going for more manicures because of biting my nails.. (ok, maybe not that serious…) but it is a sport where no one is scared to take one for the team, or getting down and dirty or putting in a punch or two in in between.

It’s a rough sport but at least it is super entertaining to watch. So maybe ladies, sit and enjoy a game of rugby with your man and maybe he will reward you for it 😉

Foodie – Sushi!



A new CRAZE has begun… Sushi is slowly but surely taking the world by storm.

Me, who is not a huge fan of the idea of raw meat or fish, actually tried it once and it shocked me! Dipping the piece of sushi in Soy sauce and having it with a large piece of fresh ginger is a taste explosion in your mouth! It’s maybe only the chop sticks that is still a bit tricky for me personally… But a little bit of practice and I will conquer them and then sushi eating will be a breeze!

Adventures – Not ready for Autumn yet…



It’s becoming that time of year again in Cape Town, South Africa! The cool breeze is starting to come through with the grey skies and cool evenings. Autumn is a beautiful time of year with the leaves turning different colours and slowing falling from the trees but who’s ready to give up summer yet?

The warm weather and tanned bodies will soon be turned into cool breezy weather where denims is a much better option than showing of that white pale skin. So live the last few days of summer to the fullest and have some fun in the sun!

#photography – Engagement Shoots Part 2


wow! Have we been busy or what…

The last couple of weeks flew right by! We had some crazy days with two shoots per day or two weddings each weekend but look at all the beautiful memories we have captured. I am honoured to work with a lovely girl like Inecke and we have loads of fun on our daily trips. Here is 4 engagement shoots we have posted on our blog where I was the assistant photographer!

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