Stationary – Logo design


Logos represent not only a company’s name but the look and feel of the company as well as the type of people that work there. It might seem a bit like judging a book by its cover but it is exactly that.

I am currently doing an internship at TwoRedPens in Nelspruit and I got the opportunity to work on a few designs for a company that wanted to redo their logo. It is extremely difficult to think out new and creative ideas that hasn’t been done before but challenge excepted. Although they did not choose one of my designs in the end I had so much fun playing around with ideas and working on different concepts.

Make sure your logo is not just a letter or a random picture because like I said, it portrays a business’ image!



Foodie journal – Prawns



Succulent spicy prawns with lemon juice. Doesn’t that make your mouth water….

A perfect spring time meal that will not make you feel overly bloated in the warm days and will surely make you feel like you are in a fine dining establishment.

Get your cooking on! It’s definitely in my food journal for spring!

Adventure – Ziplining



I’ve been dying to go to our local zip lining facilities close to Nelspruit, called Hazyview sky trail. It is literally swinging from treetop to treetop in the middle of the forest.

I think it can be quite scary, especially for me with a slight fear of heights, but it is definitely a extremely thrilling experience with a heavy adrenaline rush.

Let’s get the money saving on and go do it!

Sport – Athletics



My younger brother just took part in the Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China and I was inspired to write something about athletics.

For all sport lovers, the Olympics is truly a highlight in ones diary. It’s where all different types of sport come together and celebrate their sport and the athletes hard work during the year.

When I was younger, athletics day at school was the best day of the school calendar. I participated in everything possible event from 100m to 800m, to long jump to discus. You get the opportunity to do the thing most kids love when their young, race! The adrenaline rush as they shoot the gun at the starting line, the rush of being behind and the catching up, and of course the thrilling feeling if you won the race. This is why I love athletics!

Style – Spring is almost here!


The 1st of September marks the first day of Spring. In some places like Cape Town the warmer weather will still play hide and seek but here in Nelspruit the heat has already shown itself!

I predict that this years style will once again be pattern power. Large colourful flower patterns will definitely be high fashion and looser clothing will also be preferable amongst most people. The hippie look will also definitely feature again, especially in my closet.

Get your tan on, because spring is almost here!

#outofthebox – Masked Ball Wedding

masked ball

The traditional way for a bride to walk down the isle is with her veil over her eyes. What if that tradition is mixed up and a mask is used?

These days you get beautiful designed masks that have feathers and glitter or even just an intricate design. You can also have masked ball as the theme for your reception to pull everything together. Guests can dress accordingly and decor can also reflect the theme in a way. You can make it very subtle or very dramatic.

Why not mix it up and do something different for your wedding!

In action @ a CANSA event

CANSA event

I was lucky enough to be a part of a CANSA charity event that took place in the Botanical Gardens in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga! I helped with the pouring of welcoming drinks working alongside Two Red pens and Makro.

Each table was bought by a company like Harley Davidson for example and they had to decorate their table to stand a chance to win a prize. They were judged on their creativity and the food that they supplied with that. There was beautiful tables with lots of handmade decorations that made each table unique.

Show me Nelspruit covered the event and you can go look at the lovely table decor on their website!

New Beginnings


All new adventures to start today on the first week of August!

My new and last Internship of my Aleit Academy Events Management course will be spent at Two Red Pens in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. Here I will spend my time working on events, their magazine, Mom’s Notes and do some design work for corporate companies.

Working alongside Alison Blair who was nominated as a National Finalist in Business Woman of the year 2013 will be a great experience and I will definitely learn a lot!

Two Red Pens always have brand new – Ideas for success!

Contact them at:

Tel: 013-744 0730
P.O. Box 19521, Nelspruit, 1200