The top 5 reasons your marketing campaign will fail!


Here are our top five reasons (with both good and bad examples) why your online marketing campaign will fail, crash and burn.

Your online marketing campaign, #ItDontMeanAThingIf

#1 It’s boring & plain. Nothing is worse than something easily forgettable and a total waste of time and money. Like FNB will say, don’t be a Steve! “UnSteve” yourself and be a creative thinker.

To see how creativity can make or break a campaign, take a moment to consider how Rob Van Damme earned over 75 Million views for the Volvo Truck ad.


#2 It doesn’t put the customer ahead of the product of service being marketed because the campaign has a narcissistic viewpoint that doesn’t inspire or make the customer feel unique.

Consider the difference between the new advertisement by Honda (linked below) and any one of the countless, forgettable Youtube ads out there. What makes it special is the ability to toggle different displays during the video by pressing the letter R, leading to a unique, user-centric experience.

See for yourself at, and if you agree it’s the coolest advertisement you’ve seen in a while, then share the video because…


#3 You don’t tell your friends. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, and the list goes on. Friends are the cornerstone of social media and marketing effectiveness. Without them, campaigns are empty and social websites become lonely and one sided.

If the creativity, time and effort just isn’t there to build real customer engagement, and selling is your only goal, Adwords might be a better option. But whichever medium you chose…


#4 It’s not consumable. If your messages and ideas can’t be shared and translated through tweets, videos and blog posts, then you should probably start over. 140 characters is the new game in town and everything must fit in the palm of my hand.


#5 You don’t eat your own dog food (or better yet- drink your own champagne!). For instance, compare the old Sitecore site with the new site (shown below) and tell us which brand inspires creativity and cutting edge website content management and marketing?

OLD & NEW website design

If you claim to be company focused on technology and cutting edge solutions and your website happens to look like it’s from 1995, it’s time to get up to speed!

Credit: Social Media Today


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