First day – #expressoshow


It was my very first day on set at the Expresso Studio in Seapoint.

What an experience to see how a live television show is put together.

Three different still standing cameras are always in position to cover all the sit and standing moments in the show and then a forth roaming camera is taking footage of live performances like dancers or bands.

The crew backstage make sure that the different camera angles are used correctly and makes a production of it.

There is a program each day where the times of every single thing happening on set is on, like the advertisement breaks, talks in all the different rooms and inserts like small clips.

The very interesting thing that I could never quite understand is the reading of the script while still looking directly in the screen… That mystery is now no longer a secret. 😉

I think it can be super exciting to be a presenter on the show and speak about relevant things. The hours are great, you are in the limelight and you have the opportunity to get styled and pampered!

I hope there is much more to learn here at the Expresso Show.