Foodie journal – Power Smoothies


Power smoothies as a breakfast gives you just the kick-start that you need! Currently my favourite smoothie is a combination of two bananas, milk, fruit juice, strawberry yogurt, strawberry flavoured Future Life cereal and a little bit of ice to chill it. This is a very healthy breakfast and you get the necessary boost for your long day.


Foodie journal – Prawns



Succulent spicy prawns with lemon juice. Doesn’t that make your mouth water….

A perfect spring time meal that will not make you feel overly bloated in the warm days and will surely make you feel like you are in a fine dining establishment.

Get your cooking on! It’s definitely in my food journal for spring!

Foodie – Sushi!



A new CRAZE has begun… Sushi is slowly but surely taking the world by storm.

Me, who is not a huge fan of the idea of raw meat or fish, actually tried it once and it shocked me! Dipping the piece of sushi in Soy sauce and having it with a large piece of fresh ginger is a taste explosion in your mouth! It’s maybe only the chop sticks that is still a bit tricky for me personally… But a little bit of practice and I will conquer them and then sushi eating will be a breeze!