2014 is here!!


Goodbye 2013 – HELLO 2014!

Its a new fresh start, it’s time to clean up your heart

Take a breath and take a leap, the new year means for a clean sweep

Smile at strangers and stop to say hi, don’t end your day with a sigh

Admire nature’s beauty all around, make sure all God’s creations are found

Wake up early and stay up late, make sure every day is great

Resolutions for the new year are always made, make sure you don’t let them fade

So good luck for the exciting new year, 2013 is over and 2014 is here!

– Written by Monique Harris –



Glamour / Vintage

Gatsby Inspired style shoot:

A  great new idea for a shoot!

Gatsby is set in the 1950’s and is a total classic.

This photo shoot captures the essence of the Gatsby-style perfectly with the off-white pearls, her curly hairstyle and her hairpiece.

It portrays a classy, stylish young women from a time way-back-when and it still looks beautifully modern.

The decor shoot also shows all the elements of a vintage, Gatsby style.

They incorporated off-white, gold and royal blue colour scheme which enhances the style tremendously.

I saw these beautiful photos on Little Pink Book’s Facebook site and thought I should share it!


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Fashion Forward>>>


Fashion is a huge inspiration in my life and I always strive to keep on my toes with the latest.

I came across this awesome website with clothes that is do die for and I would kill to have.

After watching Project Runway I am determined to start designing my own outfits and making them.

I want to go shop around for different fabrics to see if there isn’t anything I can use to replicate designs from this website and make my own clothes.

This is a fun new adventure that lies ahead of me!

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Vintage is the new modern

vintage cameras

Vintage is generally speaking things that has been made years ago. When looking at clothing, pieces produced before the 1920’s are referred to as antique and clothing from the 1920s to 20 years before the present day is considered vintage. Retro, short for retrospective, or “vintage style” usually refers to clothing that imitates the style of a previous era. Reproduction, or repro, clothing is a newly-made, copy of an older garment and is what we know as vintage today. Clothing produced more recently is usually called modern or contemporary fashion. “Vintage-style” clothing is basically a modernized version of clothes that was worn a long time ago..

I love all things vintage! From clothing to accessories to decor to cameras. I would live to own my own vintage camera one day. If that is not a possibility I would like to have the chance to play around and take some photographs with one of these as this will be an absolute thrill and a great experience!

When taking photos it is said that only 15% of the work is done when you have taken the photograph. The other 85% is editing the photo to preference and perfection. Loving the vintage-style, I also love to incorporate a vintage style of editing in my photography. This can be done by creating presets in Lightroom using a darker almost newspaper colour or adding a grain.

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Creating a moment <3


Beautiful clothing inspires me on a daily basis. Clothing is a language that speaks to a persons character, personality and mood. True fashion is creating a moment where clothing and accessories come together and is harmonious. I have quite a unique taste in clothing and fashion which is a blend between business attire, glam as well as vintage. The colours that catches my eye at the moment is truly all pastel colours like light pink, green, blue and yellow. Here are a few pictures of clothing that inspires me:

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Jewellery is absolutely a must have in a girls closet. There are a lot of different types of jewellery like rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and broaches and all girls prefer different types.

The word jewellery itself is derived from the word jewel, which was anglicized from the Old French “jouel“, and beyond that, to the Latin word “jocale“, meaning plaything.

Jewellery is a fun way to accessorize any outfit and that’s why i want to do a photo shoot! These days jewellery design has developed so much that shooting this can only be interesting.

Here are a few inspirational photos i have come across:

images images1 images2 index


Lately i have been itching to take photos. But not photos, LOTS of photos.

I am currently a second year student at the Aleit Academy where we are currently busy with internships of our choice. I love to create something beautiful and i have a strong passion for taking photos. Therefore I chose to go with a photography internship at the very well known Zara Zoo Photography. This will give me great credentials and hopefully open a few doors for my career in future. I also have been learning a new skills set at Zara Zoo including designing gorgeous wedding albums in Photo Junction, photo editing in Lightroom as well as how to handle clients at first meetings. These experiences has led up to my inspiration and I have a great idea for a new photo shoot that I want to do!

Picture this:


Sexy, rough and tough, scater girl with denim shorts and tank top with vintage sunglasses. The title of this shoot will be “laid back!” This is a new and innovative shoot that has not been done a lot before. I am very excited to do this shoot in the near future!