#photography – Charmaine Fashion Shoot

Charmaine Fashion Shoot BEST269


Beautiful Charmaine made my life very easy behind the camera. After starting off a little bit unsure of herself and feeling a little bit uncomfortable, she started relaxing and then got into it. We shot at different places in Stellenbosch area and she had 4 different outfits that we played around with. In this way she got to show off some leg and show her cozy winter outfits as well. Go have a look at the end results on my facebook page and please like my page if you feel its worth looking at 😉



#photography – aaaaaand Action!


Taking action photgraphs can be tricky but taking photos of such a pro is easy! Lloyd Harris (17 years of age) is not only my brother but also in the top 70 tennis players in the world under 18. He has properly traveled the world from Croatia, London, Italia, Germany, Paris and many more. The latest experience was traveling to Roland Garros in Paris to take part in the Junior Grand Slam. I think you should remember this name… he is going to go far!!

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#photography – it’s autumn time

Jana & WG Couple Shoot BEST11

What a beautiful time to take photographs! The bright yellow, orange and red colours makes photographs feel so much warmer. On one cold autumn day in Stellenbosch I had the opportunity to photographs this beautiful couple celebrating their 2 years anniversary in a months time. I hope you enjoy the couple photos as much as I did.

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The girl behind the camera…

logo black

My photography page on facebook is a very big marketing tool in my business and that is why I upgraded it to made sure all photos represents my style etc. I made a logo that shows my quirky style and I emphasized that a smile is all you need in life!

This is a little post I made earlier to give clients an idea of who I am and what I am all about! Go visit my Monique Smiles Photography Facebook Page to see more!

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#photography – More responsibility

I have learned a lot from Inecke Photography and have to thank her for teaching me things that I don’t think I would have learned anywhere else.

With Inecke not only a boss but a friend as well she started to trust me and give me more responsibility. She had to arrange 2 kitchen teas recently where she was a guest. They wanted me to capture moments for them as a member of the Inecke Photography team and I worked on my own at both these events.

I think the photos came out quite beautifully, but you can see for yourself:

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#photography – Engagement Shoots Part 2


wow! Have we been busy or what…

The last couple of weeks flew right by! We had some crazy days with two shoots per day or two weddings each weekend but look at all the beautiful memories we have captured. I am honoured to work with a lovely girl like Inecke and we have loads of fun on our daily trips. Here is 4 engagement shoots we have posted on our blog where I was the assistant photographer!

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