Sport journal – Weapon of choice



It’s not news that I love tennis. I started playing at the age of 4 and my racquet is definitely still my weapon of choice. The Australian Open just came to an end with Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic as the Champions. Although my favourites Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova was not the winners the final match-ups was truly a great watch! Can’t wait for the Roland Garros grand slam to start in June!


Sport – Athletics



My younger brother just took part in the Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China and I was inspired to write something about athletics.

For all sport lovers, the Olympics is truly a highlight in ones diary. It’s where all different types of sport come together and celebrate their sport and the athletes hard work during the year.

When I was younger, athletics day at school was the best day of the school calendar. I participated in everything possible event from 100m to 800m, to long jump to discus. You get the opportunity to do the thing most kids love when their young, race! The adrenaline rush as they shoot the gun at the starting line, the rush of being behind and the catching up, and of course the thrilling feeling if you won the race. This is why I love athletics!

Sport – Rugby



Super Rugby has taken over the TV’s of all households and the women are left using their husbands credit cards to leave them the TV remote. (who is complaining?)

Fantasy league has became a fashion for all men and even women these days to see how their predictions fare against the ones of their friends’. With my boyfriend now also playing the sport I had to start going for more manicures because of biting my nails.. (ok, maybe not that serious…) but it is a sport where no one is scared to take one for the team, or getting down and dirty or putting in a punch or two in in between.

It’s a rough sport but at least it is super entertaining to watch. So maybe ladies, sit and enjoy a game of rugby with your man and maybe he will reward you for it 😉

Sport journal – My love for Tennis



I literally have almost played tennis since the day I was born. Waking up next to the tennis court as a baby when my parents played, having my first tennis lesson at the age of 4 and playing still today at the age of 20 I feel like tennis is in my blood.

The Australian Open is currently busy and all my favourites are still in the game. Roger Federer might be a bit old or overrated but he portrays the exact nature of a real tennis player with his style, manners and sportsmanship. He is an absolute gentleman and always a pleasure to watch!

Watch a bit of his games and you will see what I mean 😉