Style Journal – Navy is the new black



Navy is the new black. This summer navy nautical theme is once again a favourite. Navy is classy and you can easily up-style it to look elegant and sleek. This dress is definitely a must-have item in any fashion lovers’ closet. This perfect cut shows off a little flesh yet not too much to make it look like you’re showing off.

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Style – Spring is almost here!


The 1st of September marks the first day of Spring. In some places like Cape Town the warmer weather will still play hide and seek but here in Nelspruit the heat has already shown itself!

I predict that this years style will once again be pattern power. Large colourful flower patterns will definitely be high fashion and looser clothing will also be preferable amongst most people. The hippie look will also definitely feature again, especially in my closet.

Get your tan on, because spring is almost here!

Style – Autumn


It’s time for leggings and tights!

Autumn is on it’s way and that means summer closets will be switched out for winter ones. The beautiful tanned bodies will now be covered with jerseys and long pants or skirts with tights. I am not sure if I am ready for the move…

Style journal – Summer


Do you always have the money to redo your cupboard for the new season? I think not!

Every season I try to create a mood board in my head of what I would like to have in my cupboard. This is a way for me to limit what I spend on clothes. If I see something beautiful and it is not in my vision then I try not to buy it. This saves money and push me to limit myself to only buying things that I really want.

This summer I imagined something totally different to what I would usually wear. Lovely long skirts and dresses and lots of lace, was what I had in mind. The mood board I made almost exactly replicates the one in my head!

Go have a look at my Fashion Forward board on pinterest to see some more ideas.