#outofthebox – Masked Ball Wedding

masked ball

The traditional way for a bride to walk down the isle is with her veil over her eyes. What if that tradition is mixed up and a mask is used?

These days you get beautiful designed masks that have feathers and glitter or even just an intricate design. You can also have masked ball as the theme for your reception to pull everything together. Guests can dress accordingly and decor can also reflect the theme in a way. You can make it very subtle or very dramatic.

Why not mix it up and do something different for your wedding!


Men @ Weddings


Because I am a girl I always write everything out of a girl’s point of view and I mostly think about what girls will wear. But maybe it’s time for me to give some advise to all the guys out there looking for a a few tips on what to wear.

Although the bride is always the main focus at a wedding, it is also as important for the bride to have a man dressed-to-impress at her side. Every woman thinks of her man as her prince charming and they have to make sure they look the part!

A new trend that I have seen quite recently is for the groom to wear lighter suites to weddings. They choose colours like khaki, grey and stone rather than the normal black suite. Men also like to go a bit more informal to weddings recently. Usually in summer time when weather is hotter they choose to go with shorter tailored pants and a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

I recently came across an online store that sells men’s suites and shirts internationally. The perfectly tailored and the modern, sleek design is exactly what you want for your wedding and all men should strive to look good in suites like these.

Bonobos just released a new collection of suites and as they describe it – it’s a collection of lightweight Seersucker and Cotton suits that perfectly compliment spring weddings and mint juleps!

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Going Country!


Getting married in the country can be a very rustic chic type of wedding.

Country weddings take shape and are often influenced by the nature that surrounds the area.

When planning a country wedding try to find a location that speaks to what type of wedding you would like to have.

It usually has a rustic feel to it and you can add cute detail like wearing cowboy boots as wedding shoes and coming in on a horse.

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Cobalt blue


A fabulous new colour scheme!

Cobalt blue is a very expensive colour to use at your wedding and I think it is definitely a new trend in weddings!

I personally would love this colour at my wedding because it looks absolutely radiant in the evening and it always looks glamorous and expensive.

It is great to pair this colour with pearls and silver.

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